Infection Control

Why do we need infection control?

The purpose of infection control in dental practice is to prevent the transmission of disease-producing agents such as bacteria, viruses and fungi from one patient to another, from dental practitioner and dental staff to patients, and from patients to dental practitioner or other dental staff.

How do we implement infection control?

We follow the national standards for cross infection control in the health care setting. This includes:

  1. Hand hygiene
  2. Appropriate personal protective wear including masks, gowns, eye wear, gloves
  3. Wipe down of all surfaces appropriately
  4. Appropriate management of clinical waste

What extra steps are taken for patient safety?

Rubber dam is also used for all procedures to maintain sterility and enhance the prospect for successful treatment.

Endodontic hand and rotary files can be reused. However, we use files once which are disposed of after each patient. This eliminates the risk of cross infection and reduces the incidence of file breakage.